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  • 18th March
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God bless those of us that have the COURAGE to be artists.

God bless those of us that have the COURAGE to be artists.

We have to have a faith & determination capable of moving mountains. We have to find the strength every day to wake up and though our talent be boundless, potentially realize that it will never be recognized, never have the chance to truly be appreciated. Our art gets judged daily and usually by people not even qualified to judge it.

We have to accept the fact that we work on the speculation of selling our art and likely fall victim of taking far less than we are worth.

Imagine asking a doctor because the “budget” doesn’t allow his rate if he could take less for performing a surgery? Sounds insulting and almost insane… but artists do this every day.

We have to accept that someone else, someone who’s talent may not even be up to snuff will go farther, be bigger, greater, more achieved because you know what…. LIFE just isn’t far.

Ahhh to be gifted and talented… A blessing & a curse. I am still thankful for what HE has led me to & through… And ever thankful for my FAITH that truly could move a mountain.

I should have given up…I just don’t ever see it happening.

(The musings of 3:59am insomnia)

  • 23rd January
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Talk about it Auntie Patti!

I got my degree from the prestigious Berklee College Of Music from this woman on graduation day.

I performed her songs for her in a Tribute show, where she approached me afterwards and said.. and I quote ” You are a sangin’ something! You’re a lil’ Patti”..

I wholeheartedly agree Auntie Patti… anybody is a DIVA today and it is a damn shame!

  • 8th January
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  • 8th January
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Family… and not so much.

I have a big family. I have a family that has a vicious cycle of going years without talking to one another. It started with our parent’s parents. Moved through our parents and now exists amongst my cousins, their siblings. I don’t know what it is. Bitterness, jealousy, resentment, anger…Don’t know. BUT it exists…and to me it’s sad that people can’t find compassion and forgiveness and move on. That people can’t find a way to allow someone in their life (even if it is with limits), to try to bridge gaps—-to forgive and forget, to understand. To let bygones be bygones. To get a clean slate and start at Day 1. NO. It seems our family reunions happen at funerals. SAD.

All this to say, I refuse to take part. If there’s been issues, I communicate. I love my family. I love my aunts and uncles. I love my cousins. I don’t care about what Uncle so and so did to Auntie so and so. Not my concern. I have one family. That’s it.

This post is not to point fingers, this post is not to start trouble…hopefully the reverse.

THERE IS SO MUCH PAIN AND TRAGEDY IN THIS WORLD: if we can not fix it within our own homes, what are we?

I wish I had a closer relationship with my own Brother…but I understand 1. WE are very different human beings and 2. He is very busy with his wife, 2 kids, job and every day life and he lives in Utah, not down the street, not the next town over. I know he loves me and I love him…even if he misses my bday or something.. no biggie. I know his heart..and I don’t hold his heart against him.

So with this.. I say Sunday: I see my cousin Kathleen Auterio and her husband Lance Eason for the first time in over 30 years. I’m so excited. As excited as I was to see my cousin Sean William Kelley last year that I hadn’t seen in over 20 years. (FYI I have no bad blood with either—it was life and circumstances that kept us away). I am so glad that regardless of any pre-conceived notions our parents may have had, WE are not allowing that to stop us from getting to know each other. It’s never too late. NO… I take that back, It’s only too late at that funeral.

I am excited because this is what we got down here: Family and Friends. I think we are all here in a great experiment called “LOVE”. I think God hands us situations and sits back to see how we deal with it.

I have decided to deal with my situations in forgiveness and compassion. I am trying daily to “understand” more and to be “understood”.

I am not perfection, I am far from it and a very, very serious work in progress… but I am one person looking at the man in the mirror and getting her right before I turn and pass judgement on anyone else.

Until you are perfect, I implore you to do the same. At least consider it. At least TRY.

Love and Light xo

  • 6th January
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  • 5th January
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  • 5th January
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  • 29th December
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Is this the point in life when you start burying your friends? In the last few weeks so many posts of death and of the young….it’s heartbreaking. I will cry when you die at 65, 75, 85, I will feel an ache but I will also toast to a life well lived… but burying people under 50 just plain is unfair and sucks. Here I am at 40… and this shit.. geez. I’ve buried too many already under 50, more like 21, 32, 43…are you kidding???!!!

As STING said so eloquently sang in one of my favorite songs:
“On and on the rain will fall
Like tears from a star like tears from a star
On and on the rain will say
How fragile we are how fragile we are”

Forgiveness is hard, but nothing worth it comes easy… so forgive.

Life is fragile.. so LOVE now, now is all we have.

Love and Light x

  • 24th November
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Buy a book, Save an animal!!!!

I constantly post asking everyone to donate to my animal saving organization @StartRescueTeam … well I am back again.. It’s the holidays and what better gift to give than the GIFT of helping someone, something else?! I highly encourage you all to be a monthly donor ($5? $10?)!!! Yeah, that’s just 1 lousy starbucks coffee less a week…SOOOO worth the sacrifice!

I am also happy to announce that S.T.A.R.T. now has an online store. You can buy an incredible book for kids & S.T.A.R.T. will get 20% of the sale! LOOK AT THAT! Win/Win? I’d say so..

Do it. Donate. Share this status! and THANK YOU! We WOOF you for it!

  • 21st November
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